Even now, as the copywriter presses this hot medical message, and you proceed to feed off the copy, it is being administered by robotic technology of one form or another. The car that you might be driving, this writer is not, could be controlled by robotic technology of one kind or another. It certainly was built by robots, actually. In the field of medicine today’s urologists have the use of their very own robotic urologist.

robotic urologist

In the very field of medicine today, even cardiologists have their very own robotic cardiologist. In the same field of medicine, optometrists could already have their very own robotic optometrist. The list could go on. And on and on. It is awe and wonder, really and there is no shame in that. Because just try and imagine all of the possibilities now at the disposal of specialist medical practitioners. But what about the general practitioners out there?

Those that some of you might have been referring to as your good old family doctor. What about them? Do they have their own robots? Well, probably not. But robots are giving these good old doctors a run for their money. Well, your money, actually. They’ve been given a run because robots can do some of the many things that they have been doing all this time. These days, consumers are now able to purchase downloadable packages that would ultimately allow them to self-medicate themselves.

And before that, they would be able to self-diagnose. Apparently it is all above board. It has been legally approved. But while the use of robotic technologies within the realm of medicine might be a tad intimidating to some, do rest assured that the robots cannot do everything. The doctor still needs to be in charge.